Making Money with Ken

How Ken Went From Being $60,000 in debt to Running a Top 1% Etsy Shop and Being Debt Free

Ken runs a top 1% Etsy shop and has sold over $1 million in revenue. His shop has made over 60,000 sales and earned more than 11,000 reviews from raving fans. His products have been featured on websites like House Beautiful and seen on shows on HGTV and CBS. Despite this success, it wasn’t always like this.

The Ol' College Try Lie

(Photo of Ken going into massive debt to “study” abroad)

In fact just a few years ago, Ken was saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt and stuck in a dead-end job paying $24,000 per year — with zero benefits. Wasn’t going into debt for a college degree what you’re supposed to do in order to be successful? If so, why wasn’t it working? He hated going to work every day and could never seem to get ahead of his debt.

(Oh good, another unexpected expense this month…) 

Ken says this was a really dark period of his life, but among all of this he knew one thing: he did not want to work in a 9-5 job for the rest of his life. And he knew this was possible because he saw people on YouTube making full-time incomes, being able to travel the world, and live their dream life by getting into e-commerce.

So the first thing Ken had to do was figure out what exactly “e-commerce” was, which was simply selling something over the internet. This was the beginning of Ken throwing a lot of ideas against the wall to see what would stick.

If At First You Don't Succeed...

(Hawaii-themed printable art was not the cash cow Ken had hoped for) 

A few months into trying to sell Hawaii-themed printable art and only making a few dollars per week, Ken knew he had to work smarter, not harder.

After studying scores of successful Etsy shops, Ken realized something they all had in common: they all sold similar products that had mass appeal. From that day on he made it his mission to start a new shop and learn as much as he could about Etsy and what its users wanted to buy — not what he hoped they would buy based on zero research.

At this point, he discovered that you could systematically research and identify products that are already successful and make your own versions of them — there was no more guesswork involved!

This is when he realized he could make a real business out of Etsy.

The only thing to do now was repeat the process and scale to the moon!


Today, Ken is debt-free with a growing investment portfolio, has seven employees and a 3,000+ square feet production facility for his Etsy shop. And you better believe his employees receive benefits on top of their salaries! His shop has passed $1 million in revenue and he’s looking forward to hitting the $2 million mark soon.

Now, Ken wants to help countless others do the same. If you want to discover his method and strategies for growing a profitable Etsy shop from scratch and scaling it, check out his free training below that gives you ten of the most profitable niches on Etsy along with three examples from each niche of insanely successful shops that you can emulate on your way to seven-figure success.

Will yours be the next success story that’s written? 


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