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Mark Youngberg sent us this video review of Tube Mastery and Monetization saying it’s a good course and he’s really happy he gave it a shot.

What Mark Liked About The Course?
Mark liked that Matt Par’s course shows everything from start to finish including how to set up a channel properly, how to generate videos, do keyword research, and all the tools that are needed that are free to use.

Mark said he really enjoyed how extensive the program is. He says he finds himself going back multiple times to review the course materials. He really likes how much content there is as well.

He feels as if Matt put a huge effort into creating this program and he says it really shows.

Mark says that the biggest downside is the price. He says that the course is expensive, however he also says that oftentimes things that are expensive are worth it, and this course is an example of that.

Is Mark Happy About His Purchase?
Mark says that he has no regrets about purchasing Tube Mastery and Monetization and he loves the program because there’s zero guessing and it tells you exactly what to do. He says he couldn’t be happier that he gave it a shot.


Hey guys just giving you my review of Tube Money Mastery, it’s a good course. I bought it because I was interested in growing a channel starting from scratch. What I liked about the course is that everything is shown from end to end, how to set up a channel, what to do with the videos, how to create them, how to do the research, all the tools that are needed that are free to use. The course it’s so extensive. What’s really nice about it is that, because it’s so extensive, I find myself going back five six seven times, after every time I complete one step I have all the videos, instructional videos to go back and refer to, and it’s fantastic that way. Tons of content. I feel like Matt really put a huge effort into creating this course content and it really shows some downsides. I’d say biggest downside is the price. It’s expensive. But you know what they say, “things that are expensive, might be worth it.” I in this case I think that it is. No regrets. Other courses out there? Sure there’s other courses out there. But I feel that this one really shows the end to end process like I said. So there’s zero guessing tells you exactly what to do. So give it a shot I did, couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

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