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Jon Thomasberg sent us this in-depth video review of Matt Par’s course, Tube Mastery and Monetization. In the review, he goes over what he likes most about the course and why he likes this course more than others out there.

Jon says that Matt has taken all the variables and guesswork out of the process. 

Does Jon Recommend Matt’s Course?
Jon says that if you don’t mind putting in the work and you’re willing to do what it takes, then he says this class is well worth your time.


Hey guys this is John Thomasberg. Wanted to come to you today with a review of Matt Par’s course, Tube Mastery and Monetization. Now before I get into reviewing this course, I wanted to be very clear and transparent that I have not been paid to do this review, I paid for his course 100% out of my pocket so you can be sure that this is unbiased and straightforward review without any kind of slant to it. So with that said, Matt’s course is broken down into a modular step by step approach and it makes you understand what YouTube is looking for, helps you plan for SEO, topics, keywords around what the algorithm is looking for and he’s built a system that’s proven to work and it’s not just guesswork. So it takes what would otherwise take months or years to figure out on your own and breaks it down into a step by step program to understand exactly from start to finish how to turn a YouTube channel from nothing into something that’s making money in just a few short months. He goes into choosing what types of different channels there are and then goes into how to analyze what profitable nurtures are, how to do keyword research, what online tools to get, both ,some free some not, to help leverage and get additional information, to help you do this research and come up with these topics and ideas. So it’s not just a here’s these few things that’s a system for you to be able to use over and over again to teach you how to do the work but gives you a system by which to understand what YouTube wants. Now ultimately that ends up being the pathway for you to make your own secret sauce, so to speak, using his techniques but then turning it into your own thing to be able to leverage YouTube’s algorithm and basically saves you countless hours of having to figure this stuff out yourself. Most importantly what happens, is it translates all the ways you’re able to strategize and make money on YouTube and the techniques and tips that he’s come across. So one of the other things that was a worry to me at first about Matt’s course was I saw how young this kid is, right? So I’m 46, he’s young enough to be my kid. So why am I gonna pay for advice from somebody that is my son’s age, right? But the guy knows his stuff. I’ll admit it here, he’s the real deal he knows what he’s talking about. So even though he’s got a charismatic sales pitch and knows how to speak quite well, in his videos he actually walks the walk and knows what he’s talking about. So glad to report that. Let’s see what else, so I’m just now starting to apply the principles that I’ve learned in his course and so with that said, success is still on a ramp up, I haven’t gotten to the point of monetization yet. It takes some time to do that because as you may or may not know in order to become part of YouTube’s monetization program you have to have a 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours worth of view time before you can be, you know per channel before you can be considered for monetization. So working on getting that done but so far things are looking good and I think that with what Matt’s taught in his course that that’s very doable in a short amount of time. So let’s be clear this is not a get-rich-quick-scheme, you have to put in the work. I like to think about it like, as if you’re a farmer and you’re having to sow the seeds and tend the garden for a while and daily and weekly maintain this thing and eventually you do it for a little while and all of a sudden you start to bear a huge harvest. So that’s what I would like on this system too. So if you’re looking for another scam in a box that somebody wants to sell you while driving around in Bentley’s and Lamborghini’s and making their way in with hundreds and all that kinda stuff and making it look like it’s, “For two hours a month you can be a billionare.” No, that’s not it. Requires some work, requires some thought but he lays out a very well thought out system for you to be able to use as shortcut, all of the things that would’ve otherwise taken months to figure out on your own and makes it a very step by step approach, so that’s the value I would say in this program. And then on top of that, he also does give you some within the course, some scripts and templates to use that are downloadable from the online course, within it. And then on top of that gives you free access to his invite-only Facebook group so that if you’ve got any questions or wanna just simply interact with other people that are just taking the course as well, that’s something that’s made available to you and I’ve found it useful so far. So with that said, I wanna thank Matt for making this course ’cause I know Matt if you end up watching this somehow, thank you for making this, I know you could have made a lot more money not doing it and just continued to make your stacks but I appreciate you taking the time out to be able to take a little bit of money on a course like this and teach other people how to repeat what you’ve been doing with success. So thank you very much. To everyone else, it’s the real deal, it’s gonna work. So all you have to do if you’re willing to put in the work and willing to follow his system step by step, you can’t lose, it’s gonna work. You know he’s taken all the variables and guesswork out of it. So my suggestion is if you don’t mind putting in the work and are looking to do what it takes, then pluck down the money and go get this class. It’ll be well worth your time, thanks.

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