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Jack Patnoe sent us this review after buying Matt Par’s course a few days prior. Jack said he recorded this video review because he feels so stoked about the course.

Did Jack Patnoe Get Value From Matt’s Course?
Jack said that he can’t even describe how much more valuable Matt Par’s course is than anything he’s ever seen in regards to a YouTube course.

In the review he sent, Jack also said that he can tell Matt really cares about getting people results and he knows what he’s doing.

Does Jack Recommend Matt Par’s Course?
Jack says that if you are at all considering enrolling in Matt’s YouTube course then he would highly recommend it. Patnoe says that if you have any concern about the course at all, this is where you want to be if you want to make money on YouTube. 

He says you need to trust Matt, because his content is unbelievable and you’re making a mistake if you don’t join Matt’s course Tube Mastery and Monetization.


What is up guys? Just wanted to make this quick video shouting out Make Money Matt, that guy is literally one of the smartest, fucking people I’ve ever met on the Internet. If you are at all considering taking his YouTube course or whatever, I highly would recommend it because of the fact that he has stuff here, I’m on it right now, I’m looking at it because I got it, I borrowed from him a couple of days ago and literally he has stuff on here that is literally insane. I can’t even describe how much more valuable this is than anything I’ve ever seen for a YouTube course. Okay, so he’s really smart, you can tell he really cares about turning in people results and yeah I know I’m just making this video, he didn’t even ask me to but I’m so stoked on it that I decided I’m gonna set up a little camera and I’m gonna make the video, so he is absolutely, he knows what he’s doing and he is really doing it well so if you at all have any concern about it, this is where you want to be if you’re trying to make money on YouTube, you need to trust Mat because honestly his content is unbelievable. So, I make that quick video and yeah I hope you guys get in cause if you don’t that’s a mistake.

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