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Ikram Patel sent us this review of Matt Par’s course after finishing going through it.

He says in the review that he found Tube Mastery and Monetization absolutely amazing.

Does Ikram Recommend Matt’s Course?
Patel says that he highly recommends Matt’s course because he found it highly detailed. Ikram said it was worth every penny that he paid for it.

Ikram doesn’t view buying Matt’s course as a cost, but rather an investment and he’s really excited to get started with YouTube.


Hey, guys, I just bought Matt’s course. I thought it was absolutely amazing. It took me around three days to watch it all, and I’ve finally come to the last video. I highly recommend Matt’s courses. It is very detailed, and it’s worth every penny that I’ve paid. It’s not a cost, it’s an investment, and I’m so excited to get started and start making videos for YouTube. Peace!

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