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Abdullah El Shazly from Dubai sent us this video review after going through Matt Par’s course Tube Mastery and Monetization.

In the review, Abdullah says that he has gone through a lot of courses in his life and that this was the best YouTube course he has taken.

Does Abdullah Recommend Tube Mastery and Monetization?
Abdullah says that he highly recommends this course to everyone looking to get into YouTube.

How Was Abdullah’s Experience With Matt?
According to Abdullah, he said that Matt is highly detailed and customer service oriented, making the course and his experience all the better.


Hello, hi everyone. This is Abdullah from Dubai. I just took Matt’s course for YouTube Mastery. I’ve done a lot of courses in my life, like a lot, a lot, and I’ve done even YouTube courses as well and so on. To be very honest, this course was absolutely fantastic. I really loved every part of it and I really didn’t want it to finish so if there are more courses or more sessions from Matt, he was so detailed, so customer service oriented. He will show you everything from start to finish so I highly recommend this course and looking forward for more videos and more courses from Matt and even collaboration with him. So best of luck and I highly appreciate this course to everyone. Thanks, bye-bye.

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